"Internet Research and Mental States of Social Media" with Geert Lovink

Geert Lovink, a preeminent media theorist and net critic, presents his latest work on AI, algorithms, and surveillance.

geert lovink

Monday, 9 Dec 2019
12th floor of Greek Contemporary Centre 
10:00AM - 1:00PM lecture & discussion with Profs Nikos Papastergiadis & Scott McQuire
2:00PM - 5:00PM RHD 1-on-1 consultations with Geert Lovink

In this presentation, Dutch media theorist, internet critic and University of Melbourne alumni Geert Lovink will present an overview of the latest literature on the dark side of the Net, the anxiety, sadness and depression produced by the dominant social media apps. What is state of the art in critical internet culture? Is there any space for alternatives? Why are most of us so stuck, despite overwhelming evidence of surveillance, fake news and organized exhaustion. The presentation will also cover some of projects of the Institute of Network Cultures. There will also be a possibility to have one-on-one conversation after the presentation RHD students to discuss their work with Geert.

Please register in advance for 1-on-1 consultations at geert@xs4all.nl.