Catalogue Essays & Other Publications

List of catalogue essays and other publications by academics of the Research Unit in Public Cultures

Catalogue essays


  • Papastergiadis, Nikos. "Anthropos and Cosmos," in Anthropos. New York, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York, 2014, pp. 10-13
  • Papastergiadis, Nikos. "Horizons, Breath, World," in Sara Van Der Heide: Mother Earth Breathing, If I Can't Dance I Don't Want to be Part of Your Revolution. Amsterdam, 2014


  • Papastergiadis, Nikos. "12+1=121: Expanding Universes," in 13 Rooms. Australia: Kaldor Public Art Projects, 2013, pp. 109-115
  • Papastergiadis, Nikos. "Understatement," in Jitish Kallat: Circa. Melbourne, Australia: Asialink, 2013, pp. 6-11
  • Papastergiadis, Nikos. "Why Multiculturalism Makes People So Angry and Sad," in Space, Place & Culture. Melbourne, Australia: Future Leaders, 2013, pp. 47-71


  • Barikin, Amelia. "A Short Flight in a Black Cube," in Johnston, R., Ishak, Raafat and Nicholson, Tom. Proposition for a Banner March and a Black Cube Hot Air Balloon. Shepparton Museum of Art, Shepparton, 2012, pp. 13-32
  • Cubitt, Sean. "Noise, Luck, Torsten Lauschmann," John Hansard Gallery/Dundee Contemporary Arts / Film Video Umbrella, 2012
  • Cubitt, Sean. "Alex Monteith, Time & Trust," in Devonport, R. (ed.,). Alex Monteith. Govett-Brester Gallery, New Pymouth, NZ, 2012

Refereed conference proceedings


Other publications


  • Papastergiadis, Nikos and Mosquera, Gerardo. "The Geopolitics of Contemporary Art," in Ibraaz, October, 2014
  • Lynn, Victoria and Papastergiadis, Nikos. "Art as Action," in L'internationale, 2014
  • Papastergiads, N. "John Berger: ON Art and Mystery of Creativity," in Take: ON ART, Vol IV, Issue 13, 2014, pp. 48-53
  • Papastergiadis, N. "The Cosmopolis is the Starting Point," in South: As a State of Mind, Spring 2014, No 4, 2014
  • Martin, Fran and Lewis, Tania. "Telemodernities: Life Advice Television and Transformations of Selfhood in Asia," for Keane, Michael (ed.,). Asia Pacific Creative Landing Pad. Dec 2014
  • Arnold, M., Bellamy, C., Coker, B., Gibbs, M., Hill, P., Nansen, B. and Wilken, R. Framing the NBN: Public perceptions and media representations. Report for Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES), 2014


  • McQuire, Scott. "Playing in the networked city," in Urban Codemakers, 2010