Creating the Bilbao effect

MONA and the social and cultural coordinates of urban regeneration through arts tourism


Nikos Papastergiadis, Adrian Franklin, Justin O'Connor.


Since opening in January 2011, MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), has attracted very high visitor numbers and praise from the international art community. This project will assist the cities of Hobart and Glenorchy and the state of Tasmania to address its falling visitor numbers and faltering economy by planning and developing supportive infrastructure for MONA that will maximise its potential to attract tourists and consolidate earnings from art tourism (a Bilbao Effect). The research will analyse why this innovative and unorthodox gallery is so successful, how this knowledge can be used to reorder and grow a peripheral ring of creative industries and tourism, and how a Bilbao Effect can be embedded as part of local governance.


Australia Research Council, Linkage Project


Hobart City Council
Glenorchy City Council
Tasmanian Department of Economic Development
Tourism and the Arts