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Dr Mitchell Harrop
Social and Cultural Informatics Platform (SCIP)

In this seminar, Dr Harrop will discuss Zooniverse, the online citizen science platform. An increasing number of researchers at Melbourne have expressed interest in a platform to help transcribe, tag and even translate research materials. Zooniverse offers such a platform for free and is increasingly being used by projects in the humanities. Some interesting examples:

This is a very informal seminar, so we'll be hoping to hear from! What kinds of research you might want to do with a platform like Zooniverse?

Dr Mitchell Harrop is a Humanities and Social Sciences Informatics Specialist within Melbourne University's Social and Cultural Informatics Platform (SCIP). SCIP supports research in the humanities, arts, social sciences and the visual & performing arts. Dr Mitchell Harrop's PhD research involved ethnographic studies of digital game playing and was conducted within Melbourne University's Computing and Information Systems department. He has lectured in Informatics, Database Systems and Web Information Technologies.

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