Web Based Data Visualisations Workshop

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Digital Studio Level 3, West Wing Arts West Building 148


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Errol Lloyd


A ResBaz workshop on how to make dynamic and interactive data visualisations using web based tools.

Making a website and putting it on the web is now pretty easy. More recently, making beautiful, interactive and dynamic data visualisations has been brought well within the researcher's grasp thanks to the Javascript libraries D3 and Plotly. Having a presence on the internet is more important for researchers now than ever before. If you have data, a research story to tell and you want to share it with the world without worrying about where your journal paper ends up and how readable/boring it is, making a wonderful web page is what you need. In this workshop, you'll learn how to use HTML, CSS and javascript to make web pages, and how to fill them with beautiful data visualisations. All you'll need is your laptop and your trusty text editor.

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