Digital Research in Action: Introduction to the Australian Data Archive

Date and time

Friday 23 April 2021, 09.30am - 11.00am


The Australian Data Archive holds over 6000 datasets from more than 1500 projects and studies from 1838 through until the present day. Some of its most popular datasets are identifiable by methodology (eg. Longitudinal) and by theme (eg. Social Attitudes Surveys, Health Studies).

Dr Steve McEachern offers an “Introduction to the Australian Data Archive” for students and staff, as a workshop activity looking at datasets and user scenarios; and encourages discussion of recent development in its technical infrastructure and operations.

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Dr Steve McEachern
Dr Steve McEachern

Dr Steve McEachern

Dr Steve McEachern has been at the forefront of building a sustainable research infrastructure for the social sciences in Australia, the Australian Data Archive (ADA), and is involved in the latest negotiations with government and lead agencies for improved data sharing across HASS disciplines. Steve has high-level expertise in survey methodology and data archiving, and has been actively involved in development and application of survey research methodology and technologies over 15 years in the Australian university sector. He has research interests in data management and archiving, community and social attitude surveys, organisational surveys, new data collection methods including web and mobile phone survey techniques, and reproducible research methods.