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SheShaka Exhibition: Exploring Gendered and Cultural Barriers to Surfing for Women

Open daily 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

Mon 27 November - Fri 8 Dec 2023

The Digital Studio, Lvl 2 & 3, West Wing, Arts West

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With a strategic focus on high quality projects in the humanities, arts and social sciences, we provide a range of activities and programs to support researchers and industry partners working with data and digital environments.

How to find us?

Enter the Arts West Foyer, take the elevator up to Level 2, walk around to the student seating area (to the right when you exit the elevator), then walk through the 2 black double doors / entryway into the Digital Studio. You will now be on Level 3 of the West Wing.

To get to Level 2 of the West Wing, follow the steps above then walk down the stairs located in the back of the Digital Studio Level 3.

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