Digital Scholarship is concerned with understanding the transformative uses of content that result in innovative research and new tools to engage with intellectual materials. It encourages an enquiring approach to digital infrastructure rather than more passive uses of electronic content, such as emailing or word processing. Digital scholarship encompasses a number of disciplines, including humanities / digital humanities, social sciences, cultural informatics, the visual and performing arts, as well as the intersections of these disciplines with scientific domains.

The aims of the Digital Studio are to:

  • support faculty, staff and students with the creation of digital scholarship works
  • improve the standard of research data management practice and the development of new and/or improved digital methodologies
  • support in building partnerships and facilitate connections with campus and library units aimed at enabling the research, teaching and learning goals of the faculty of the University and the surrounding community
  • contribute to developing innovative digital humanities projects that contribute to research and teaching at the University of Melbourne
  • become a hub for digital scholarship, staffed by individuals with specialised skills who support work