Arts eTeaching Digital Pedagogy series

Arts eTeaching presents the latest in Digital Pedagogy best practice in these lunch time practical sessions, aimed at supporting innovative teaching and learning in the Humanities, Languages and Social Science disciplines.


These lunchtime Digital Pedagogy sessions are designed for the Faculty of Arts, to help build awareness of the new Canvas LMS, along with Kaltura (video management system), and a variety of tools for online quizzes, etc.  Sessions are intended to be practical, informative and to share practice, in preparation for Canvas LMS migration.

The sessions are presented by staff from the EVOLVE project (Educational Video, Online Learning and Virtual Environments) and Learning Environments in collaboration with Arts eTeaching.  All teaching staff and professional staff are welcome (subject coordinators, sessional coordinators, tutors, and professional staff supporting T&L).  Research staff interested in the LMS platform are also welcome.