UoM Digital Incubator

UoM Digital Incubator

Hosted in room 306 of the Digital Studio, the UoM Incubator provides the team, structure, frameworks and capability so great ideas and tested prototypes can progress quickly and find a home within their existing UoM portfolios.

What is the UoM Digital Incubator?

In short, the UoM Digital Incubator is a collaborative initiative led by Chancellery, Digital and Data with the intention to:

  • Create a Proof of Concept environment for rapid prototyping
  • Bring to life ideas and insights from anywhere across UoM
  • Use agile development and user-centric design approach
  • The focus is on progress over perfection and creating a safe environment to explore, prototype, develop and iterate ideas

Why do we need it?

Current state

  • UoM has collected plenty of discovery and insights with limited capacity to act on them quickly
  • University wide challenges are recognised when attempting to do smaller scale innovation and discovery activities
  • Many UoM processes are set for large investments, but lack flexibility for smaller initiatives
  • The cost of PoC activities is still high and not becoming more efficient

The Incubator as a response

  • The UoM Digital Incubator fills in a gap for smaller size, discovery-oriented activities to come to life
  • It is focused on quick testing of new and innovative concepts
  • It provides an avenue for UoM teams to use experienced digital product designers and developers
  • Who can create a prototype solution for the challenge or opportunity they or their users are facing
  • Without extended wait period to kick off the process
  • And create a validated pathway to make some of these solutions production-ready

How to get involved?

To find out more about the UoM Incubator and the work we are doing: