Creative Convergence: Enhancing impact in regional theatre for young people

a map of the paths taken by travelling theatre groups across the state of Victoria in Australia

Creative Convergence: Enhancing Impact in Regional Theatre for Young People

With a focus on regional Victoria, the Creative Convergence project aims to understand and enhance the personal, affective and social impact of contemporary theatre for youth audiences by developing social media strategies and knowledge networks. Funded by the ARC Linkage scheme (2017-2021), the project team includes Professor Rachel Fensham, Associate Professor Paul Rae, Dr Jen Beckett and Dr Lynne Kent.

Project partners

Arena Theatre Company; ARTHUR: A Theatre Company; Bell Shakespeare Company; Creative Victoria; Geelong Performing Arts Centre; HotHouse Theatre; Melbourne Theatre Company; Regional Arts Victoria; Theatre Network Australia.


Creative Convergence blog

CIRCUIT: Mapping Theatre in Australia

Circuit is an innovative and visually engaging tool representing mainstage and education shows, workshops and residencies presented by theatre companies across Australia. The tool traces the direction and density of touring performances and can be searched by venue, location, show, company and school, and filtered by demographic data such as household income or percentage of under-18s in the area.

CIRCUIT has been supported by Melbourne Data Analytics Platform (MDAP), the Sociocultural Informatics Platform (SCIP) and the Digital Studio at the University of Melbourne, and benefitted from Masters of Information Technology interns, Septi Rito Tombe, Navaneeth Rajagopalan and Hai Ho Dac.