UoM Digital Incubator

The UoM Digital Incubator is

  • A new University-wide initiative...
  • ...which brings to life the ideas and insights from UoM staff...
  • ...by using rapid prototyping, agile development and user-centric design approach
  • The focus is on progress over perfection and creating safe environment to explore, prototype, validate, develop, analyse and iterate.

The purpose of the Digital Incubator is to set up an environment and explore UoM related ideas, which could be prototyped, tested and proven before significant investment. We use human-centred design, rapid prototyping and agile delivery methods to get initiatives off the ground quickly, as well as to experiment with new ways of delivering value for the University and its customers.

What are we working on?

During its first phase, the Digital Incubator will deep-dive three discrete project areas.

Our first project is to map out and prototype the Researcher On-boarding Process. We want to find out how the University can provide a great experience for people joining UoM to conduct research for the first time. Throughout this project, the team wants to hear from both researchers at all career stages and professional staff to uncover opportunities and test new ideas.

How to get involved?

The team is looking to create a new digital solution for making researcher on-boarding more efficient, easy and successful, and are seeking researchers at all levels to participate in giving feedback to high-level concepts, with the intention of turning one of them into a working prototype.

There is a workshop available for early–mid-stage career researchers

Thursday 27 June

Alternatively, for a 45-minute 1:1 chat (we will come to you!)

Book an appointment

Or engage with the Incubator team's work-in-progress at our informal fortnightly

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