Founding an Australian Recipe Archive


Caitlin Knight
Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation

Bella Lipson-Smith
Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation

Anna Bellotti
Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation


Mary Sheehan
School of Historical and Philosophical Studies

Project description

The Australian Recipe Archive (or AuRA for short) is a virtual archive that holds digital copies of Australian recipes and associated documentation around food culture. We are working to build a collection of digitised copies of intergenerational recipes to preserve the Australian food heritage accessible to researchers and the Australian public. AuRA’s main focus is to preserve recipes written by individuals and families, as no one is currently collecting these unpublished recipes. We believe this will serve to highlight groups of Australians who have been typically excluded from historical narratives, such as women doing domestic activities and the diverse cultural experiences of Australian people, and give them a valued place in the heritage industry. Through the digital-studio internship program, our intern has set up our virtual archive using the program Omeka and has assisted the rollout of a pilot program to grow the collection.

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