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Debra McDougall
School of Social and Political Sciences


Claire Parnell
School of Culture and Communication

Project description

The Kulu Language Institute is a grassroots organisation based on Ranongga, an island on the far western reaches of the New Georgia group in Solomon Islands. Over twenty years, the Institute has inspired thousands of Ranonggans to learn to read, write, and analyse their languages (Kubokota and Luqa). The internship developed a website site designed to showcase the work of the Kulu Language Institute and share information about the language, history, and culture of Ranongga. Using WordPress, a special feature of the website is an interactive map using the WP Map Plugin to feature voices from Ranongga, drawn from archived materials from research on Ranongga dating back to the 1980s. Young Ranonggans have begun the project of documenting their own languages and recording their own stories, so we hope that the website will be used by residents of Ranongga island who may access it by mobile phones, by other Solomon Islanders and Pacific Islanders, and by scholars and educators all around the world.

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