Narrative Now: Creating a podcast series


Signe Ravn
School of Social and Political Sciences

Ashley Barnwell
School of Social and Political Sciences


Kenna MacTavish
School of Culture and Communication

Sheilla Njoto
School of Social and Political Sciences

Project description

The aim of this project was to initiate a new podcast series related to the Narrative Network in the Arts faculty. The project includes creating a visual identity, music theme and online presence for the podcast series as well as producing the two first episodes. While the topic of the first episode had been decided before the internship commenced, the topic of the second was not. A central task for the two interns was to develop the ideas for this episode, using storyboarding techniques to map themes and content and work as ‘directors’ on the episode.

More broadly speaking the project involves reflections on how to create online communities, how to disseminate and promote a podcast and how to make use digital media in ways that might be sustainable for research communication in the longer term.

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