Graduate Internship Applications

Student applications have now closed for the 2018 Digital Studio Graduate Internships. Academics with suitable digital projects are encouraged to continue to submit an expression of interest for future programs.

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  • Background

    The Faculty of Arts established the Digital Studio at the end of 2016 to build the profile, expansion and integration of digital research projects and methods in Faculty research. One of the requirements of digital research is coherent data sets that can be analysed, manipulated and extended with a range of digital tools and applications that enhance the communication of research.

  • Internships objectives

    This scheme is designed to upgrade the capacity of humanities and social science researchers to expand their databases and to deliver digital project outcomes with greater confidence in the reliability of their data.

  • Student guidelines
    1. The Faculty of Arts Digital Studio Graduate internships offer 10 internships valued at $2000 each (approximately 45 hours work, schedule to be negotiated with supervisor)
    2. This scheme is designed to assist graduates to gain expertise and capacity in coding and maintaining databases for academic research projects
    3. Each intern will be assigned to a key researcher with a unique dataset, that can be enhanced (for analysis, visualisation, repurposing) by the expansion of its database
    4. Training will be provided in basic coding of metadata, and students will have the opportunity to learn more about data management in the academic research environment. A preliminary data management training session will be a requirement prior to commencing the internship (2-3 hours)
    5. Additional mentoring by the Digital Studio will continue throughout the internship as required
  • Academics guidelines
    1. It is available to all staff in the five Schools, and internships will be distributed across the Schools
    2. Preference for researchers who already have some basic data management structures and can benefit from the upload of existing coding to clean and expand their datasets. Or academics who have amassed research materials that could be organised into a data management framework
    3. Grant funding is available for 10 internships at $2000 each, which approximates to 45 hours of coding, with graduate training provided in addition to the internship hours
    4. Academics who participate in the scheme will be required to demonstrate in what ways the use of their data has been enhanced and be willing to share the results with other scholars in their School, either through a simple report, powerpoint, or online demonstration. They will be assisted to provide this report by the intern
    5. Interns will be supported throughout the internship by the Digital Studio and ideally work in the Studio’s collaborative digital research environment

Please note: Student applications have now closed. Academics are encouraged to continue to submit an expression of interest for future programs to