Theatre and Dance Platform


Professor Rachel Fensham, School of Cultures and Communications, Chief Investigator
Professor Denise Varney, School of Cultures and Communications, Chief Investigator
Andrew Fuhrmann, School of Cultures and Communications, Research Assistant

Project Details

The Theatre and Dance Platform is a digital archives project hosted by the Digital Collections repository at the University of Melbourne which aims to diversify and enhance the University’s contribution to AusStage, an online database that records information about live performances in Australia. The platform, managed through the Digital Studio and created with LIEF 5 support, hosts a range of digitised material related to the performing arts, includingphotographs, scenic and costume designs, video recordings, posters and textual material such as programmes, reviews and correspondence.

Using a visual and readily accessible search interface, the project’s key research focus is the cultural heritage and legacy of national and internationally significant dance and theatre collections, such as those of the Melbourne Theatre Company, Lucy Guerin Inc and La Mama Theatre. Digitised visual and textual material and its information architecture is linked to Austage, and is compliant with national and international metadata standards. Currently, with LIEF 6 support, we are adding material related to the venues of the theatre and dance collections listed above, as well as Arts House, the Union Theatre, Russell Street Theatre, and the Malthouse Theatre. These venues map the development of major production venues across the City of Melbourne over a fifty year period. Each venue is a public venue, funded through the grants system and the metadata will enable us to map programming as increasingly multi-functional and entrepreneurial.