Crafting digital research projects: Data, design and methods

Date and time

Wednesday 13 November 2019 8.30am - 4.30pm

Crafting digital research projects: Data, design and methods


Part of the Digital Research in Action workshop series. Supported by the Arts Research Office.

Are you planning a research project using data or digital tools and methods? This workshop will provide the language, frameworks, and strategies to give your application the best chance of success.

The workshop will introduce principles for digital research project design, with a focus on shaping and articulating the use of data and the digital environment in grant applications. Working from current application examples, we will examine how to frame and translate terminology and provide advice for completing grant templates and budgets to enhance your project proposal and refine its scope. The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion about the role of data and digital methods in the national research landscape, and provide pathways for further support from the Faculty and the wider University.

Spaces are limited, to be considered you must be planning to submit a grant application in 2020 or 2021.


9.00am Principles of Digital Research Project Design
10.00am Learning the Language: How to frame and translate the terminology of a digital research project


Focus Groups: Reboot Your Proposal

  • Key questions to ask about your proposal
  • Key questions a committee will ask about your proposal
  • Group activities to help hone and refine your project and project proposal
  • Report back
1.00pm 5 x 5 minute lightning talks


Project templates and budget

  • Methodology section
  • Data management
  • Scoping and costs allocations
  • What datasets will you use and how will you access them?
  • Value proposition
  • Key people to be involved
  • What training/further support do you need?
3.30pm Open Discussion / Panel
Q&A Next steps
4.30pm End