For internal users

What Research Data Management services and support can I access in the Digital Studio?

  • Personalised advice for the completion of the "Management of Data" section of ARC applications
  • Advice on constructing a data management plan, system and tools to facilitate your research
  • Advice on storage and organisation of research data
  • Advice on coordinating collaborative, large-scale or highly-engaged research activities
  • Advice on the use of Data Repository Services
  • Data management planning to make the most out of high-value research materials, both physical and digital
  • Development and delivery of workshops on department needs on all facets of research information management
  • Consultations relating to a range of research data compliance areas, including funding requirements and uses of research data

What research tools, services and advice are offered by the Digital Studio and service partners?

  • Consultations on identifying, accessing and using a range of research support software tools
  • Digitisation of physical research data via 2D and 3D digitisation services
  • Digitisation of physical research data via self-service equipment
  • Access to research data stored in old legacy media via digital forensics services
  • Development and testing of informatics solutions in archival science and digital humanities
  • Consultations on locating and advanced searching of primary and secondary research databases

How can the Digital Studio help me to increase my research profiles and demonstrate the impact of my research?

  • Consultation and advice on making research more accessible through digital technology
  • By providing bibliographic analysis and other metrics reports
  • By providing support in creating and merging research identifiers such as ORICIDs

How can the Digital Studio assist me to meet open access requirements?

  • The Digital Studio will provide advice and support on compliance with funder open access mandates and understanding of open access opportunities for publishing research outputs

How can the Digital Studio assist me in understanding copyright and intellectual property?

  • The Digital Studio provides consultancy to facilitate non infringing use of scholarly materials for education purposes
  • The Digital Studio provides information, education and awareness services on copyright and its relevance to teaching and learning, research and knowledge transfer