Participatory Public Space Symposium

In December 2016, the RUPC hosted a one-day symposium on Participatory Public Space. The contributions from Miyase Christensen, Lu Ye, Gary Gumpert and Susan Drucker, as well as RUPC members Nikos Papastergiadis, Scott McQuire, Amelia Barikin, and Danny Butt are now available online.

The Participatory Public Space symposium explored the future of urban public space in the context of multicultural, globally networked cities.

As participation becomes a widespread aspiration of 21st century culture, it is timely to ask: how might participatory public space be practiced, now and in the future? How might we evaluate the potential for greater public participation ranging from small-scale, relatively informal interventions to large-scale urban festivals and cultural precincts charged with ‘activating’ urban public space? What are the key modalities, lines of force and limits to participation in contemporary public space?

Key themes explored include: urban screens as public communication; art, media and public space; and cosmopolitanism, mobility and place-making in a digital era.

View the symposium videos

"The Sensing of the Urban Screen" with Professor Susan J. Drucker (St. John’s University) and Professor Gary Gumpert (Wayne State University).