Scott McQuire's Urban Screens at the 2015 TEDxDeakinUniversity

Deakin University recently hosted the inaugural TEDxDeakinUni. This conference brought together scientists, artists, thinkers and creators to discuss the theme 'All Around' and the forces of pervasiveness that are shaping the conditions for the emergence of new possible worlds.

Scott McQuire's talk, Urban Screens, explores the social effects of media technologies at the University of Melbourne, with particular attention to their impact on the social relations of space and time, and the formation of identity. By examining the growth of 'media cities', McQuire traces the ways in which cities have become increasingly media-dense environments, transforming previous conceptions of public and private space.

Author biography

Associate Professor Scott McQuire He has a strong interest in interdisciplinary research and has lectured in disciplines including politics, sociology, cinema studies, art and architecture, and media and communication. He is also Chief Investigator on two current ARC projects examining the impact of large screens in public space.