Accepting your award

Instructions on how to accept your award.

Please note: that you must accept your award within 21 days of receiving notification.

To accept your award:

  1. Open the award acceptance form
  2. Carefully review the provisions of your award by reading the Terms and Conditions
  3. Select Accept to verify you understand the terms and conditions associated with your award

Submitting documents

Scholarship recipients must submit the required paperwork within 21 days of accepting your award or if you are travelling for study or research then required travel documents must be submitted no later than one month before departure date.

Recipients are advised payments generally take up 21 days from the time the required paperwork is submitted.

  • Your payment will be processed upon receiving all the required documentation
  • Your notification letter outlines what documents you are required to submit
  • Please only submit what is required

Before you upload the required documents they must be saved as a PDF file and named appropriately.

Please note: For detailed information on submitting documents and scholarship payments please visit the Payments web page.