Frequently asked questions

Answers to your questions about the types of scholarships available, deadlines, outcome notifications, funding, and more.

What scholarships are available to Faculty of Arts students?

A variety of scholarships are available based on your area of study, study level and are offered to support research projects, travel and financial need.

Where can I find information about Faculty of Arts scholarships?

On the Faculty of Arts website, under the Scholarships and Prizes web page.

How are Faculty of Arts scholarships promoted?

Scholarships are listed on our website, promoted to relevant academics, relevant cohorts are alerted on the Student Portal, and through a variety of newsletters at the University and externally.

What is the difference between a scholarship, prize, exhibition and bursary?

An Award can be described as a scholarship, prize, exhibition or bursary. An award of these types can be monetary or non-monetary; a recipient may be selected on the basis of academic and non-academic criteria, depending on the terms of the trust.

  • A scholarship is an award made to assist study, travel and/or research
  • A prize is an award made on the basis of past academic performance, such as a prize for the top student in a particular subject
  • An exhibition is a more formal expression of a prize
  • A bursary is an award, usually a grant to a student in financial need

How do I know what scholarships and prizes I am eligible for?

On the Scholarships and Prizes web page you can view scholarships by undergraduate, honours, graduate coursework, graduate research levels and then use the current and future students tabs. You can also search for scholarships by School using the Current students, Future students and Alumni/other tabs.

How can I apply for an Arts scholarship?

Visit the Tips on applying for a scholarship web page for detailed advice on applying.

Then visit the Scholarships and Prizes web page where you can view scholarships by undergraduate, honours, graduate coursework, graduate research levels and then use the current and future students tabs. You can also search for scholarships by School using the Current students, Future students and Alumni/other tabs.

Click on the scholarship which you are interested in and the link will take you to the central Scholarships website with information and application details for that scholarship.

Do you have any tips for applying for scholarships?

Visit the Tips on applying for a scholarship web page.

Do you accept paper applications?

No. All scholarships must be applied for on the online application form.

Typically, what are the deadlines for scholarships?

Most Arts scholarships are open for application by the 1 February each year and close at various times but usually around March, April and May. Occasionally some scholarships are open later in the year. You will need to check this website for updates.

What happens if I miss the closing date deadline for my application?

On the odd occasion late submissions may be accepted a day or two after the closing date but not often. Contact us immediately to see if a short extension can be granted.

What are the selection committee looking for from my scholarship application?

  • That you meet all the eligibility and criteria requirements
  • That your application is in accord with the spirit of the scholarship and the donors wishes
  • Your current position, whether academically, artistically or financially
  • How you envisage the scholarship will help you in these areas, should you be chosen. Eg: travel and living costs; plans to further your studies; validity and solidity of your case for support

What are my chances of receiving a scholarship?

The more specific the criteria and eligibility then the higher the chance you will have of being awarded. Applicants are competing against a smaller pool and therefore enhance their chances of receiving a scholarship.

Well-known scholarships that are open to a broad range of study areas tend to attract a large number of qualified candidates. These scholarships are very competitive.

How do I obtain an academic reference letter?

To obtain a letter of academic recommendation from a lecturer, tutor or course coordinator upon the completion of your degree, please contact them personally. Do so early to give them adequate time to write a quality letter.

You can locate the email address of academic staff members through the Contact directory, the subject pages of the Handbook or the Find an Expert tool on the University of Melbourne website.

When will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

After the closing date applications will be collated and prepared for the selection committee. The committee are given several weeks to review applications and then meet to discuss shortlists. Successful candidates will be notified when a committee agree unanimously on the best candidate/s.

This whole process can take six to eight weeks, sometimes longer.

How do I find out if I am successful?

Successful applicants will notified by email and letter when a decision is made.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email after the successful candidate/s have accepted their award.

What if I have not been successful in my scholarship application?

Try again in the next round. As your studies progress you may be able to provide a better case for support. Save copies of every application that you complete so you don't have to start from scratch every time.

If I am awarded, how do I accept my scholarship or prize?

Visit the Accepting your award web page and follow instructions

How are my scholarship or prize funds paid to me?

Prizes will be paid upon receipt of your acceptance, expression of thanks and your student payment form as explained on the Accepting your award web page.

Scholarships will be paid after receipt of your acceptance, expression of thanks and when all the required travel and payments documentation are submitted.

How long will it take for my funds to be deposited into my bank account?

Usually two to three weeks after your return the required payment forms.

As a recipient, how do I thank my donor?

Go to the Accepting your award web page and follow instructions where you are required to submit an expression on thanks when you accept your award. This is all done online. In addition to this you are welcome to also write a card to your donor. If there is no living donor, then your thank you will be forwarded to a living relative or the selection committee and advancement office.

As a scholarship recipient, do I have any further obligations?

It depends on the scholarship you were awarded. The terms and conditions you agreed to when accepting your award outline your responsibilities, conduct, expectations, promotion and acknowledgement conditions. Some scholarships have additional requirements included in their trust terms, such as:

  • Submitting a final report upon the conclusion of your scholarship
  • A progress report to trustees or donors to trigger the further instalment of payments
  • Proof of academic progress where continuance is a component of the scholarship

How do I qualify for a prize?

Prizes are merit-based scholarships where academics nominate students based on prior academic performance in one or more subjects. There are over 100 prizes offered within the faculty of arts each year. To view them, please visit the Prizes web page.

When would I be notified that I am a recipient of a prize?

You will usually be notified within the first 3 months of an academic year if you have been nominated for a prize based on academic performance in the year prior.

How do I qualify for the Dean's Honours List award?

Visit the Faculty of Arts Dean's Honours List web page.

What scholarships are available outside of the Faculty of Arts?

For a list of commonwealth and University based scholarships, please visit the Melbourne Scholarships website.