Faculty of Arts Exchange Enabling Scholarships

13th Aug 2018
3rd Oct 2018
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The Faculty of Arts Exchange Enabling Scholarships provide funding to students who might not be able to consider an overseas experience because of financial constraints or those who could benefit from additional financial support to enhance their experience. These scholarships are available to students participating in exchange, study abroad, or an overseas intensive subject.

We will consider students who fall into the categories of disability, low socio-economic status, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander, or difficult personal circumstance. Funding will be assessed and awarded on a needs basis. Applicants are required to provide supporting documentation that attests to the disadvantage experienced.


The scholarship provides one-off payment of up to $5,000.


To be considered for this scholarship, you must:

  • Have received approval to study overseas on study abroad or in a University of Melbourne subject with an overseas component; and
  • Be experiencing social, educational or financial disadvantage, such as:
    • Have a disadvantaged financial background
    • Are from a rural area or under-represented school
    • Experienced difficult circumstances
    • Have a disability or medical condition; or
    • Are an Indigenous Australian or Torres Strait Islander. The status of Indigenous Australians must be confirmed by the Murrup Barak Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development.


All applicants will be notified of the outcome by email. Please check your university email account regularly.

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Student Diversity Programs Officer
Amelia Terry
Email: arts-studentprograms@unimelb.edu.au