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The Arts Graduate Research International Grant (AGRIG) supports Graduate Research candidates, whose principal enrolment is in the Faculty of Arts, to travel overseas for at least 2 weeks to conduct research that is essential to the completion of their thesis. Short periods of fieldwork, archival research and other kinds of on-site data gathering all fall within the remit of the scheme.

The Grant is intended to support students who need to conduct substantial research overseas, but do not meet the methodological or lengthy immersive research requirements of the PhD Fieldwork Grant Scheme. As such, Graduate Research candidates in the Faculty will be eligible to receive funding from either the PhD Fieldwork Grant Scheme or the Graduate Research International Grant, but not both, during their candidature. It is an applicant's responsibility to determine which funding scheme is most appropriate for them. Unsuccessful applicants to the PhD Fieldwork Grant Scheme may however be directed to reapply the Graduate Research International Grant.

The Arts Graduate Research International Grant is not available to support conference presentations or attendance - it is only available to support periods of international research activity essential to the completion of the Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) or MA thesis.

Selection criteria

In awarding the grant, the committee will consider:

  • The degree to which the research is essential to the successful completion of the PhD project
  • Whether the applicant has presented a reasonable and justified budget
  • The strength of supervisor and school support
  • Whether the candidate is making satisfactory progress and has a credible plan for timely completion


Funds are limited and competitive for this scheme.

The maximum allowable under the Arts Graduate Research International Grant over the duration of the candidature (whether in one long trip, or several repeat trips) is:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) candidates - $5,000
  • MA candidates - $2,500

Schools are required to contribute 25% towards the total grant amount.

The committee may choose to award less than the allowable maximum or requested amount, based on the quality of the application relative to the pool of applications and available funds.

Budgets are expected to be prudent and economical; budget items may be funded at lower levels than requested.

Items usually funded include:

  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation
  • Visa or access fees

Items not funded

  • Living expenses/per diem
  • Electronic equipment such as computers, recorders or other consumables
  • Language study – candidates are expected to have developed any required language skill prior to travel
  • Travel insurance over and above the University policy
    • The University provides free travel insurance for students. Students are required to provide evidence of insurance cover at the time of application

More information

For more information please see the Students Insurance web page.


To be eligible for the Graduate Research International Grant, applicants must:

  • Be Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) or Masters candidates enrolled in the Faculty of Arts, who are either confirmed or within 3 months of their expected Confirmation date. Funding granted before Confirmation will be a) provisional upon successful Confirmation and b) for travel to take place after Confirmation
  • Demonstrate that the intended travel and research activity are essential to the timely completion of the research thesis
  • Be able to demonstrate that they have met all relevant University policy requirements relating to their fieldwork (such as compliance with the University’s code of conduct for research and student travel policy)

More information

Application process

There are two rounds of applications per year.

Deadlines are:

  • 30 April
  • 31 October

Application is via the online form below.

Out-of-round and retrospective applications will not be considered.

Application requirements

Applicants are required to provide the following information in their online application:

  • A statement clearly outlining the significance of the travel to their research methodology and thesis
  • A budget for the planned travel in Australian Dollars (AUD):
    • Budget must be itemised in detail
    • Evidence of sources of quotations budgeted items such as airfares, and the source of other costs requested
    • Any gap in funding is expected to be covered by personal savings or other funding source, which should be indicated on the budget proforma.
  • The application must be accompanied by a letter from the student's principal supervisor outlining in detail:
    • The significance of the travel to the completion of the thesis
    • That the candidate is making satisfactory progress and has a credible plan for timely completion



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