The Harold Wright Scholarship and The Sarah & William Holmes Scholarship

26th Feb 2018
9th Apr 2018
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Current student; Alumnus; Other
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UTR6.337; UTR6.338

Study Area

Art History and Art Curatorship


The Harold Wright Scholarship and The Sarah and William Holmes Scholarship allow holders to carry out an intensive study of prints at the British Museum, London, for a period of up to twelve months. These scholarships may be awarded jointly.

Harold Wright was an authority on prints with a world-wide reputation. In addition to academic honours and other marks of recognition, his advice was sought by almost every major art gallery with a department of prints. His association with Australia and New Zealand derives from his honorary services to the Felton Bequest and his life-long friendship with Sir Lionel Lindsay, as well as private collectors in both countries.

The second scholarship is named in honour of the parents of Mrs. Wright.

Because Harold Wright acquired his unrivalled mastery of the field at a time more favourable to private studies than the present, it is not intended that the scholarship should be linked to a specific project, specialised research or even a publication. Mrs. Wright felt that application for such purpose were adequately provided for by other awards. She had in mind a completely free year, in which the holder would be able to work as widely as her husband did, in one of the world's greatest collections. In later life he made many distinguished contributions to specialised knowledge in print scholarship. What distinguished his work was the breadth of the original background on which it was based.

These scholarships are very rare and privileged. Previous recipients of the scholarship are now in museums and galleries throughout Australia and continue to work in preserving art history in Australia.

It is the expectation that placement will commence in 2019 subject to availability at the British Museum.


$22,093 (2018 total of both scholarships)


Open to graduates of Australian or New Zealand universities, or to other persons deemed by the Selection Committee to be of sufficient scholarly standard.

It is expected that the successful candidate would be a person with a background involving a serious study of prints and that the study at the British Museum would be useful for the furtherance of his/her career.

The scholarship is not to be awarded to any person who at the time of the award is-

(a) employed by any commercial art gallery or other art gallery run for profit, or

(b) engaged in art dealing on their own account or in partnership

The scholarship may be awarded to any person employed by any public or private art gallery which is not run with a view to profit.

The committee may decide to award both The Harold Wright Scholarship and The Sarah and William Holmes Scholarship to the same student if the British Museum can only host one student at a time.

Applicants are asked to consider if they would like to go for the first part of the year from January to June or the second part of the year from July to December and should state their preference in their application. All efforts will be made by the selection panel to ensure the recipient is allocated the time that he/she prefers, however this is sometimes not possible and the recipient may be asked to compromise their dates and length of stay in London.

Please read Scholarship Guidelines carefully.


Recipients are required to:

  • Accept award online within 21 days
  • Write two letters of appreciation to the donor/committee (upon acceptance and after completion)
  • Submit a final report


Applicants will be advised of the outcome via email within 6-8 weeks after the closing date.

Application process

You must submit your application online (via the link below) which requires a 300-500 word statement outlining how the scholarship would impact your life, an outline of your proposed planned activities that will be undertaken during the Scholarship, budget, scholarship amount requested and documents uploaded as outlined below:

  1. Some evidence of other financial resources available apart from scholarship funds (complete budget section on application form)
  2. A curriculum vitae, including present position. No more than two pages.
  3. Academic transcripts, including previous studies in the art of the print.
  4. Copy of Australian or NZ Citizenship eg, passport, birth certificate, citizenship certificate.
  5. Two academic references.
  6. Any other information to support application that may assist the committee in making its decision