Prue Torney Fellows’ Prize

19th Feb 2018
2nd Apr 2018
Study level
Honours, Graduate coursework, Graduate research
Enrolment status
Current student; Alumnus
University Trust Record


Study Area

Asian studies, History


This prize is supported by the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies Fellows' Group.

The Prize will be awarded for a work of history or biography that enhances the understanding of Australians in Asia or of Australia’s relationship with Asia. 'Asia' for this purpose is as defined by the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)




The Prize is open to any graduate of the University of Melbourne.

  • Books published in the last three years before the year in which the award is made could be considered
  • Suitable subjects would include Australian journalists, foreign correspondents and broadcasters (as exemplified in Prue's own work) but not to be limited to them. They might, for example, extend to Australian film-makers, Australians who have pioneered engagement with Asia, or exposures of Australian anti-Asian prejudice, but would exclude books of Asian history
  • The selection committee will determine in its discretion whether a book qualifies as a work of history or biography
  • Books of Asian history are excluded from the award
  • In making an award preference will be given to works by more recent graduates over established scholars
  • The judging panel consists of an Associate Dean from School of Historical & Philosophical Studies and at least two members from the SHAPS Fellow's Group
  • The Judging Panel will assess books by reference to the following criteria:
    • Scholarly quality of research
    • Writing and presentation
    • Contribution to an understanding of Asia or Australian perceptions of Asia (or parts thereof)


Recipients are required to:

  • Accept award online within 21 days
  • Write a letter of appreciation to the donor/committee (upon acceptance)


Applicants will be advised of the outcome via email by the end of July.

Application process

You must submit your application online (via the link below) which includes details of your publication and

  • Mail three hard copies of your book to:
  • Faculty of Arts Awards Team
    Level 1, Arts West Building
    External Relations Unit (Rooms 101-123)
    The University of Melbourne 3010

    Books submitted will not be returned. The author may submit more than one entry. No late entries will be accepted.