The Felix Meyer Scholarship

19th Feb 2018
9th Apr 2018
Study level
Graduate coursework, Graduate research
Enrolment status
Current student; Alumnus
University Trust Record


Study Area

Creative Writing


The Felix Meyer Scholarship is offered each year, under the provisions of the will of the late Mary Fisher Meyer, for "graduate studies in some branch of literature, classical or otherwise."

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide an opportunity, by travel or otherwise, for University of Melbourne graduates to undertake creative writing during the tenure of the scholarship.

The scholarships memorialise the donor’s late husband, Felix Henry Meyer (1858-1937), medical practitioner. He studied medicine at the University and graduated M.B., B.S. in 1880-81, and M.D. in 1902. He lectured in obstetrics and gynaecology at the University in 1914-18 and published many articles on them in medical journals. He was a member of the obstetrical research committee set up by the University’s faculty of medicine in 1925, which led to the establishment in 1929 of the chair of obstetrics in the University. He was also interested in learning, art and music, and was a member of the Faculty of Music at the University and of the board of the Lady Northcote Permanent Orchestra Trust.



One or more scholarship may be awarded from these available funds.


Open to applicants who are:

  1. Recent graduates (within five years) of the University of Melbourne
  2. Seeking to pursue advanced studies in a branch of literature, classical or otherwise, either at an institution or independently

Preference is given to a candidate who will engage in creative writing during the tenure of the scholarship.


In recommending a candidate for an award the committee must take into consideration the demonstrated ability and the expressed intention of the candidate to engage in creative work during the tenure of the scholarship.

Each scholarship is awarded in the first instance for a period not exceeding twelve months but may be renewed on the recommendation of the committee for a further period not exceeding 12 months.

A graduate to whom a scholarship is awarded must during the tenure of the scholarship undertake advanced studies in literature in any form and in any language as may be approved by the dean from time to time but need not pursue a course of studies for a higher degree.

Recipients are required to:

  • Accept award online within 21 days
  • Write two letters of appreciation to the donor/committee (upon acceptance and after completion)
  • Submit a final report


Applicants will be advised of the outcome via email within 6-8 weeks after the closing date.

Application process

You must submit your application online (via the link below) which requires a 300-500 word statement outlining how the scholarship would impact your life and assist with your studies, details of your proposed project, budget, scholarship amount requested and documents uploaded as outlined below:

  1. Nature of work proposed and writing sample of the proposed project (five pages.) Project proposals should be of a creative nature and directly linked to literature, classical or otherwise
  2. Travel itinerary
  3. Details of any present or previous awards
  4. Current Curriculum Vitae
  5. Two academic references
  6. Evidence of completion of a degree at the University of Melbourne (Copy of student transcript or graduation certificate)

Please ensure you have the above information available before you commence your online application.