The Miranda Jane Hughes Scholarship


The scholarship supports graduate research humanities students undertaking research in historical, philosophical or cultural studies of the body, health or science. In order of priority, grants will support:

  • essential field work and research trips internationally or within Australia;
  • the presentation of a paper at a research conference;
  • research master classes or specialist advanced training, internationally or within Australia; or
  • publishing initiatives and other dissemination activities and projects aimed at enhancing students’ scholarly abilities and capacity to contribute to their field.

This scholarship was donated by Professor Julie McLeod and Dr Cherry Collins in honour of Miranda Jane Hughes. Miranda was born and raised in Geelong, where she attended Geelong Grammar School. She undertook a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at The University of Melbourne and was a resident of Ormond College.

Miranda commenced a PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science and worked for many years at Deakin University in a variety of research fellow and research officer roles. She maintained a rich intellectual and social life, a compelling sense of humour and an affection for the University of Melbourne and her time there as a student.


Approximately $2,800


Open to students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts, with, in descending order of priority, preference to be given to:

(a) students undertaking research in the humanities in historical, philosophical or cultural studies of the body, health or science;
(b) students enrolled in a research higher degree in the above or related areas of research;
(c) students who identify as female.

Please contact Arts Awards with any questions about any of the eligibility criteria at the email below.


Recipients are required to:

  • Accept award online within 21 days
  • Write two letters of appreciation to the donor/committee (upon acceptance and after completion)
  • Submit a final report of their activities to the relevant discipline; this could be in the form of a published paper or work towards a postgraduate degree.

Application process

Eligible applicants must complete an online application which includes:

  • A statement of 500 words on the relevance and importance of the proposed activities to their graduate studies and value the award will add to their successful progress in the degree;
  • Details of planned expenditure of the scholarship;
  • A letter of support provided by their supervisor;
  • A statement of academic results.