W.T. Mollison Scholarship in Modern Languages

3rd Sep 2018
15th Oct 2018
Study level
Undergraduate, Honours
Enrolment status
Current student
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Study Area

Chinese language and studies, Japanese language and studies, Arabic studies, French studies, German studies, Russian studies, Spanish and Latin American studies, Italian studies


The W.T. Mollison Scholarship was established in 1884 bequeathed by William Thomas Mollison for the purposes of encouraging in young persons the study and knowledge of modern languages.


Approximately $20,000


  • Eligible students must be an enrolled student in the year they apply and will have completed the final assessment of an honours program in modern languages taught at the University up to two years prior to their application. In exceptional circumstances, third year students who intend to enrol in honours may be considered
  • Preference given to students who intend to return to the University to pursue post graduate studies in modern languages or cognate fields
  • Candidates must travel overseas to the country of the language in which they hold the scholarship and engage in appropriate work on the language at a foreign university for 6-12 months


  • The proposals will be reviewed by 'the committee' and awarded to the candidates who will best achieve the donor's purpose, 'to encourage in young persons, the study and knowledge of modern languages' which will be based on their proposals and academic achievement.
  • Recipients will be paid in two instalments. The first one on being five-sixths upon proceeding to travel and the remainder after completing two-thirds of their study overseas pending the approval from the committee that they are satisfied and engaged in appropriate work on the language at their overseas university
  • Recipients will be required to submit a scholarship report for the committee within two months of returning from their travel


Applicants will be advised of outcome early in the following year.

Application process

Complete and submit your EXPRESSION OF INTEREST by clicking on the 'Apply' button below.

Nominated candidates will then be requested to submit a one page outline of their proposed study overseas.



Email artsprizes-info@unimelb.edu.au