Annual topics

Ways of Living 2015

Forms of recreation, leisure and play, social diversity, ‘well-being’, work and careers, design and everyday life, subcultures, forms of mobility and movement structure and occupy our contemporary lives. The Australian Centre will host a symposium on these topics in 2015, and would expect to develop research capacity across these areas.

Teaching and Learning Australia 2014

Questions of curriculum, pedagogy and educational values have gained increased national focus and prominence. We would expect to host a major symposium in 2014 that focuses attention - in the Australian context - on educational policy and priorities, new trends in pedagogy, curriculum design, syllabus, databases and e-teaching, the development of critical capacity, and knowledge dissemination. We expect collaborative research capacity to develop here, too, in the longer term. As well, we would expect to hold a series of ‘masterclasses’ on Australian topics/texts in the VCE for secondary school students.

Ecologies and the Environment 2013

Questions of environmental sustainability and the ‘new ecologies’ have become of increasing interest both to the Australian humanities and the wider research community. The Australian Centre aims to draw together new work in the Australian humanities in areas of energy use, biodiversity, ecology, waste, environmental ethics, ecocriticism, spatiality and so on in Australia. We will host a major symposium in late 2013 in these areas of research, with the aim of bringing the scholars into dialogue with environmental issues; we will also encourage research capacity here for the longer term.