Literary Influence, Canonicity and the Historical in the Career of William Gosse Hay

William Gosse Hay (1875-1945)
William Gosse Hay

Dr Rachael Weaver

This Hugh Williamson Foundation Fellowship project at the University of Melbourne Archives will focus on the papers of the enigmatic post-Federation author of historical fiction William Gosse Hay (1875-1945). Hay was relatively unknown in Australia in his lifetime, but soon after his death, in 1946, a special edition of Southerly was devoted to his work.

The journal’s editor, RG Howarth, noted that “Hay anticipates and touches the moderns” and compared him to writers such as Patrick White and Eleanor Dark. The originality and significance of this project lies in its excavation of new insights into Hay’s career and the way it has been understood over time.

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