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Bella Li, Land Before Lines, 2014
Bella Li, Land Before Lines, 2014 Photo: Nicholas Walton-Healey

Associate Professor Justin Clemens

This ARC funded Future Fellowship (2015-2020) project surveyed the field of contemporary Australian poetry, its products, personnel, institutions, and processes. Through interviews with poets, publishers, booksellers, academics, editors and managers, as well as extensive archival research, it provided the first major synoptic research into the state of Australian poetry today. This project aimed to establish possible future directions for Australian poetry and its importance for Australian culture more generally.

About Associate Professor Justin Clemens

Justin Clemens is Associate Professor In Literary Studies and Senior Lecturer in the School of Culture and Communication in the Faculty of Arts. He has published extensively on psychoanalysis, contemporary European philosophy, and contemporary Australian art and literature. Justin is well-known nationally as a commentator on Australian art and literature, and his essays and reviews have appeared in The Age, The Australian, The Monthly, Meanjin, Overland, Arena Magazine, TEXT, Un Magazine, Discipline, The Sydney Review of Books, and many others.

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