Affective Medievalism (Manchester University Press, 2019)

Affective Medievalism (Manchester University Press, 2019) – Professor Stephanie Trigg, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Reader of English; Director of the Melbourne Node for the ARC Centre of Excellent for the History of Emotions (CHE); and Thomas A. Prendergast


This book investigates the troubled relationship between medieval studies and medievalism. Acknowledging that the medieval and medievalism are mutually constitutive, and that their texts can be read using similar strategies, it argues that medieval writers offer powerful models for the ways in which contemporary desire determines the constitution of the past. This desire can not only connect us with the past but can reconnect readers in the present with the lost history of what may be called the ‘medievalism of the medievals’. In other words, to come to terms with the history of the medieval is to understand that it already offers us a model of how to relate to the past.

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Stephanie Trigg and Thomas A. Prendergast (eds.) 'Affective Medievalism'
Trigg, S. and Prendergast, T. (eds.) – Affective Medievalism