Nima Behroozi


Screen and Cultural Studies

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Profile photo of Nima

Nima Behroozi is a PhD candidate in Screen and Cultural Studies in the University of Melbourne. His dissertation attempts to theorize film narrative in contemporary Iranian cinema by dint of a spatial framework to analyze the shifting positions by which ideology functions in a filmic text.



Spatial Forms in the Late Iranian Cinema: Film, Architecture, Criticism

My thesis theorizes the post-1979 Iranian cinema by dint of a spatial framework: it looks into how architecture, city or onscreen space might signify allegorically within a film narrative as a privileged way to discuss ideological shifts and historical conflicts. The theory that I am proposing appeals towards the totality of the historical structure in postrevolutionary Iran in order to investigate ideology beyond the exhausted binary between norm and resistance. Instead, it tries to grasp ideology in dialectical terms as an interplay between a series of variations, deviations, or swerves that do not necessarily correspond to a single set of norms.

Research interests

  • Iranian films
  • Propaganda
  • Architectural theory
  • Allegory
  • Science Fiction