Geoffrey Hondroudakis


Media and Communications

Image of Geoff Hondroudakis
Image of Geoff Hondroudakis

Geoffrey Hondroudakis researches media theory and philosophy of technology, with a particular focus on the concept of scale in abstract processes.



Scalar Mediation: Structure amid Inconsistent Systematicity

My thesis theorizes the function of scale within media systems. Recent theoretical work has emphasized the growing importance of scalar methods for mediating systematic inconsistencies in various fields, from materials engineering to computer science to ecology. Given the work that scale must perform across such diverse systems, functionally and conceptually, I argue that scale is a fundamental ontogenetic category, operating at the heart of individuating processes. This understanding allows us to ameliorate long-running debates within media theory around the relationship of structure and abstraction to particularity and process, towards a more robust understanding of inconsistency, incompleteness, and contingency within systematicity.

Research interests

  • Media Theory
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Scale
  • Abstraction
  • Gilbert Simondon
  • Bernard Stiegler