Julia Richards


English and Theatre Studies

Image of Julia Richards
Image of Julia Richards

Julia Richards' research explores the association between dance and literature. Julia's Honours thesis "Jane Austen's Ball: Choreographing Gender, Desire, and Courtship" (2022) examined the function of dance within "Northanger Abbey," "Pride and Prejudice," and "Emma". Now, Julia's PhD research relates to dance within Shakespearean plays and adaptations.



"Here's that shall make you dance": Choreographing Shakespeare during the Enlightenment Period in England

Fascinated by dance as a cultural phenomenon during the Elizabethan period, Julia's thesis examines the intersection between dance and text within Shakespeare and how this translates to the Enlightenment, the Victorian period, and more contemporary settings. Employing dance manuals, prompt books, and eye-witness accounts, Julia explores the association between the context and time in which Shakespearean adaptations occur, and why studying dance within them is significant. Captivated by dance as a cultural, political, and social phenomenon, Julia examines how trends of popular dances such as the pavane, the quadrille, and the country-dance may have influenced adaptations of Shakespeare.

Research interests

  • Shakespeare
  • Austen
  • Dance Studies
  • Literary Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Theatre Studies
  • Performance
  • Adaptation