Shiqiu Liu


Art History and Art Curatorship

Image of Shiqiu Liu
Image of Shiqiu Liu

Shiqiu Liu is a PhD candidate now in the University of Melbourne and her current research is on art works produced under the cultural exchanges stimulated by the Mongol rule of Eurasia in the fourteenth century, focusing especially on art made by professional artisans for the ethnically non-Chinese or believers of foreign religions during this period. She is interested in pre-modern artistic exchanges through cultural communications between China and other places, especially areas around East and Central Asia.



Coming to Cathay: Foreign Influence on Art in Mongol Yuan China

This research, taking the non-Chinese (semu people) living in Yuan China as the centre of study, investigates the hybrid forms of art related to these people to understand the cross-cultural interaction in a multi-ethnic society. It offers a new approach to analyse the different functions of elements in the hybrid form and examines the transmission factors affecting the integration process through case studies on representative objects including tombstones, relief carvings, sculptures and textiles. This research demonstrates that the semu people living in Yuan China in fact enhanced through art a separate identify from the local Chinese during the social integration.

Research interests

  • Artistic Exchange and Network in Northeast Asia
  • Cultural Communication between East and Central Asia
  • Burial art of Liao, Jin and Yuan Dynasties