Art and Power / Kunst und Macht – A Four-Part Film Screening

Film Screening

Art and Power / Kunst und Macht – A Four-Part Film Screening

Forum Theatre
Arts West
Royal Parade


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T: 83448567

Note change of venue for this fourth and final film screening: The Net (Lutz Dammbeck, 2003).

How and when do artists become complicit in power, entangled in it strategies that sometimes surpass their awareness? German film maker Lutz Dammbeck's perspective is a unique one. Over the course of this four part film screening the Director allows us to share his viewpoint which, although highly subjective, appears nonetheless cautiously observing, impartial and even strangely ahistorical at times. From 1992–2003, Dammbeck created a four-part series in which he traces the ways in which art merges with power, talking to artists and intellectuals who, after the heights of their careers, sometimes abruptly find themselves marginalised and sidelined by an unforseen historical change. Dammbeck invites us to step outside, to estrange ourselves from our own historical context and this is why Australian audiences will want to engage with Dammbeck's simple premise, which examines how far these powerful images can be transmitted across time and place, and what remains of their influence at the end of the 20th century and beyond.


  • Mr Nicholas Hausdorf
    Mr Nicholas Hausdorf, Curator and Writer
  • Mr Giles Simon Fielke
    Mr Giles Simon Fielke, Artist Film Workshop