Intersections: New Work on Islamic and Southeast Asian Art


Intersections: New Work on Islamic and Southeast Asian Art

Woodward Conference Centre
Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street


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This public event brings together curators, art historians and artists from all over Australia to look at the state of the field both here and in our larger region. It is a day for exchange and debate, with a series of papers, some case studies, some explorations of specific issues or problems, to culminate in a final round-table discussion. Among the questions we hope to address: how can historical art production be understood in contemporary context? How does tradition inform – or not inform – current artists' work? What are the most interesting areas of current production and research? What are the current challenges or barriers in the field, including in public perception among museum or gallery audiences? And, most basically, does it make sense to speak of 'Islamic art' or 'Southeast Asian art' at all?


  • Mr Samer  Akkach
    Mr Samer Akkach, Centre for Asian and Middle Easter Architecture
  • Mr James Bennett
    Mr James Bennett, Curator of Asian Art
  • Mr Sam Bowker
    Mr Sam Bowker, Senior Lecturer in Art History & Visual Culture
  • Mr Stefano Carboni
    Mr Stefano Carboni, Director
  •  Wulan Dirgantoro
    Wulan Dirgantoro, Postdoctoral Fellow
  •  Peyvand Firouzeh
    Peyvand Firouzeh, Lecturer in Art History
  •  Nusra Qureshi
    Nusra Qureshi, Artist
  • Ms Susan Scollay
    Ms Susan Scollay, Independent scholar
  •  Nur  Shkembi
    Nur Shkembi, Curator, Writer, PhD candidate in Art History
  •  Manu Sobti
    Manu Sobti, International Development Lead and Senior Lecturer
  •  Sadra Zekrgoo
    Sadra Zekrgoo, Grimwade Centre