Rethinking Critical Femininities: Feeling, Feminist Practice and Beyond


Rethinking Critical Femininities: Feeling, Feminist Practice and Beyond

In recent times, both feminisms and femininities have taken on spectacular forms within what Banet-Weiser (2018) terms a broader ‘economy of visibility’. Many have questioned what transformations, possibilities and consequences feminine visibilities indicate in relation to feminism, as feminist aims, boundaries and intentions have become increasingly nebulous. While there have been apparent changes in the way gender is represented in the media, discourses surrounding this often draw on neoliberal notions of ‘choice’ to defend particular gender styles. In scholarship, these debates have often been conceptually framed in terms of postfeminism, positing a particular relation between feminine and feminist visibility.

But in presuming these relations, how adequately have we addressed the question of femininities, beyond questions of lack and subordination (Dahl, 2012)? In the contemporary neoliberal landscape, do femininities signify normative ideals? Typologies? A set of relations (to masculinity/(re)production/capitalism)? Can we rethink femininities critically, beyond postfeminism, or in different queer ways? As Dahl and Sundén (2018) suggest, ‘Critical femininity studies can also do the work of imagining femininity otherwise’.

This one-day symposium aims to push beyond the diagnosis of femininities in terms of neoliberal individuality, to attend critically to assemblages of transformations in everyday practices, embodiments, and effects of femininities. What femininities arise in relation to contemporary feminist contexts, and what are the shifting relationships between femininities and feminist practice today?


  •  Amy Dobson
    Amy Dobson,
  •  Akane Kanai
    Akane Kanai,
  •  Julia Coffey
    Julia Coffey,
  •  Carman Fung
    Carman Fung,
  •  Katherine Giunta
    Katherine Giunta,
  •  Elianne Renaud
    Elianne Renaud,
  •  Megan Sharp
    Megan Sharp,
  •  Shoshana Rosenberg
    Shoshana Rosenberg,
  •  Kim Toffoletti
    Kim Toffoletti,
  •  Lucy Baker
    Lucy Baker,
  •  Amanda Howell
    Amanda Howell,
  •  Maura Edmond
    Maura Edmond,
  •  Marissa Willcox
    Marissa Willcox,
  •  Hannah McCann
    Hannah McCann,
  •  Kythera Watson- Bonnice
    Kythera Watson- Bonnice,
  •  Megan Rose
    Megan Rose,
  •  Gemma Killen
    Gemma Killen,
  •  Madison Magladry
    Madison Magladry,
  •  Caitlin McGrane
    Caitlin McGrane,