Contemporary Australian Poetry


Contemporary Australian Poetry

The Linkway, Fourth Floor
John Medley


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Contemporary Australian poetry is undergoing a kind of renaissance. Across the country there have never been more poetry readings, events, social media attention, publications, collaborations and so forth. Why is poetry so hot right now? What is going on? What are the key movements and moments of the present? This symposium brings together a range of voices to discuss the current scene.


  •  Ali Alizadeh
    Ali Alizadeh, Monash University
  •  Sandra D'Urso
    Sandra D'Urso, University of Melbourne
  •  Dominique Hecq
    Dominique Hecq, International Poetics Institution
  •  Yvette Holt
    Yvette Holt, First Nations Australia Writers Network
  •  Jacinta Le Plastrier
    Jacinta Le Plastrier, Australian Poetry
  •  Philip Mead
    Philip Mead, University of Melbourne
  •  Tyne Daile Sumner
    Tyne Daile Sumner, University of Melbourne
  •  Lucy  Van
    Lucy Van, University of Melbourne
  •  James Jiang
    James Jiang, The University of Melbourne