Humanities and Communication - Perspectives for Asia Pacific


Humanities and Communication - Perspectives for Asia Pacific

Lectorial Room I (156)
Arts West North Wing Building (148A)
The University of Melbourne


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Scholars from two leading universities in Asia Pacific – the University of Melbourne in Australia and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore – will be sharing their latest works in the fields of Arts History, English, Media and Communications, and Screen and Cultural Studies and discussing the possibilities of collaboration between the universities. Professor Anne Dunlop (Art History), Associate Professor Fran Martin (Screen and Cultural Studies), Professor Ronan McDonald (English and Theatre Studies) and Professor Scott McQuire (Media and Communications) will be representing the University of Melbourne, and Dr. Kwan Min Lee (New Media), Dr. May Lwin (Health Communication), Dr. Michael Walsh (Art History), and Dr. Neil Murphy (English) will be joining from Nanyang Technological University.


  • Professor Anne Dunlop
    Professor Anne Dunlop, Professor Art History
  • Associate Professor Fran Martin
    Associate Professor Fran Martin, Associate Professor Screen and Cultural Studies
  • Professor Ronan McDonald
    Professor Ronan McDonald , Professor English and Theatre Studies
  • Professor Scott McQuire
    Professor Scott McQuire, Professor Media and Communications
  • Dr Kwan  Min Lee
    Dr Kwan Min Lee, New Media
  • Dr May  Lwin
    Dr May Lwin, Health and Communication
  • Dr Michael  Walsh
    Dr Michael Walsh, Art History
  • Dr Neil  Murphy
    Dr Neil Murphy, English