Critical Fashion Studies Conference


Critical Fashion Studies Conference

The aim of this two-day conference is to build academic research and industry networks to address a range of themes relevant to the future of fashion, including: sustainable and ethical fashion production and consumption; fashion start-ups and economic sustainability; corporate models of social responsibility and transparency; "slow" fashion and new economies of value; critical femininities and the feminization of fashion production and consumption; fashion entrepreneurs in South-East Asia and the Pacific; and local and global labour practices.

Hosted by the Critical Fashion Studies research collective in the School of Culture and Communication, at the University of Melbourne, the conference will include keynote lectures from Associate Professor Ilya Parkins (University of British Columbia) and Associate Professor Toby Slade (UTS) as well as fashion industry panels and academic papers from postgraduate students, early career researchers, and established scholars working on fashion from a range of disciplines and methodologies.


  • Associate Professor Ilya  Parkins
    Associate Professor Ilya Parkins, University of British Columbia
  • Associate Professor Toby Slade
    Associate Professor Toby Slade, University Technology Sydney