Past Events

In 2023, ACRH research seminar presentations included:

  • Arvin Jake Adovo: “Living with Waste: Emotion, Value and Power in Philippines Waste Picking”
  • Martyn Coutts: “Hong Kong's Visual Citizenship: The Depiction of Sadness and Despair in the 2019 Protests”
  • Fann Goh: “Japanese Film Festivals in the Asia-Pacific: Cultural Diplomacy, Practices and Audiences”
  • Caitlin Hughes: “’Un-Genre-Ing’, ‘Unbordering’, Unlearning Contemporary Art: Insights From Indonesia Fieldwork, Oct-Dec 2023”
  • Fran Martin: “Transformed lives? Gender, time, and (Im)mobility in Chinese Women’s Transnational Education”
  • Patriot Mukmin: “The Woven Wounds: Memorialisations and Indonesia's 1965-66 Mass-Killings”
  • Ian Rafael Ramirez: “Spatiotemporal Productions of the Baklang Kanal
  • Christie Widiarto: “Liberating a Vengeful Spirit: Autoethnographic Animation as a Grief Ritual”
  • Fan Yang: “‘I’m Not Here to Study Race or Gender’: Teaching as an Asian Female Academic in Australia’s Higher Education”
  • Presentations were also made by Jean Claire Dy and Chloe Ho.