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Colonial Australian Fiction

Gelder, Ken and Weaver, Rachael. Colonial Australian Fiction: Character Types, Social Formations and the Colonial Economy. Sydney University Press, 2017.

This book is a unique exploration of the many character types vividly portrayed in colonial Australian fiction. In the book the authors explore the genres in which these characters flourished: the squatter novel, the bushranger adventure, colonial detective stories, the swagman's yarn, the Australian girl's romance. More information...

The Temporary 01

Marsden, R. The Temporary 01: Architectures of Change, 2017.

'The Temporary' is a transcultural exchange platform and social intervention space examining the notion of "temporary" experience in art, architecture, design, music, sound and performance between China and the UK. Taking place in Birmingham and Manchester, 'The Temporary: 01' is the inaugural exhibition, examining "temporary" negotiations of space and place within cityscapes. More information (7.2Mb pdf)


Patterson, E. redactor. Whitemore Press, 2017.

redactor uses found texts from the everyday emails, memos, notes, lyrics, text messages, tweets, webfeeds - as poetic material. Drawing on techniques from the visual arts and radical writing such as the ready-made, the cut-up and the concrete poem, Eddie Paterson reflects upon the ways in which the historical legacy of censorship intersects with contemporary surveillance technologies. More information...

>Cyberpsychology The Study of Individuals

Whitty, M and Young, G. Cyberpsychology The Study of Individuals, Society and Digital Technologies. Wiley, 2017.

An important new BPS Textbook in Psychology exploring the interactions between individuals, societies, and digital technologies. The book outlines key theories and empirical research within cyberpsychology and provides critical assessments of this rapidly changing field and covers topics such as online identity, online relationships and dating, pornography, children's use of the internet, cyberbullying, online games and gambling, and deception and online crime. More information...

Edited books

>Women, Art and the Politics of Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe

Hyde, Melissa and Milam, Jennifer (eds.,). Women, Art and the Politics of Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe. Routledge, 2017.

While women's private lives, their involvement with cultural production, the project of Enlightenment, and the public sphere have been the subjects of ground-breaking historical and literary studies in recent decades, women's engagement with the arts remains one of the richest and most under-explored areas for scholarly investigation. This collection of new essays by specialist authors addresses women's activities as patrons and as "patronized" artists over the course of the century. It provides a much needed examination, with admirable breadth and variety, of women's artistic production and patronage during the eighteenth century. More information...

>Women, Art and the Politics of Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe

McLean, Ian and Jorgensen, D. (eds.,). Indigenous Archives: The Making and Unmaking of Aboriginal Art. University of Western Australia Press, 2017.

The archive is a source of power. It takes control of the past, deciding which voices will be heard and which won't, how they will be heard and for what purposes. Indigenous archivists were at work well before the European Enlightenment arrived and began its own archiving. Sometimes at odds, other times not, these two ways of ordering the world have each learned from, and engaged with, the other... The eighteen essays by twenty authors investigate different aspects of this struggle in Australia, from traditional Indigenous archives and their developments in recent times to the deconstruction of European archives by contemporary artists as acts of cultural empowerment. More information...

>Cyberpsychology The Study of Individuals

Varney, D. and Diamond, E. and Amich, C. (eds.,). Performance Feminism and Affect in Neoliberal Times. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

This book is a provocative new study of global feminist activism that opposes neoliberal regimes across several sites including Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the United States. The feminist performative acts featured in the book contest the aggressive unravelling of collectively won gains in gender, sexual and racial equality, the appearance of new planes of discrimination, and the social consequences of political economies based on free market ideology. More information...

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