Publications 2018


Henry Smeathman, the Flycatcher

Coleman, Deirdre. Henry Smeathman, the Flycatcher. Natural History, Slavery, and Empire in the Late Eighteenth Century. Liverpool University Press, 2018.

In 1771 Joseph Banks and other wealthy collectors sent a talented, self-taught naturalist to Sierra Leone to collect all things rare and curious, from moths to monkeys. Henry Smeathman's expedition to the West African coast, which coincided with a steep rise in British slave trading in this area, lasted four years during which time he built a house on the Banana Islands, married into the coast's ruling dynasties, and managed to negotiate the tricky life of a 'stranger' bound to his landlord and local customs. In this book, which draws on a rich and little-known archive of journals and letters, Coleman retraces Smeathman's life as he shuttled between his home on the Bananas and two key Liverpool trading forts - Bunce Island and the Isles de Los. More information...

Travel and Drama in Early Modern England

Jowitt, Claire and McInnis, David (eds.,). Travel and Drama in Early Modern England: The Journeying Play. Cambridge University Press, 2018.

This agenda-setting volume on travel and drama in early modern England provides new insights into Renaissance stage practice, performance history, and theatre's transnational exchanges. It advances our understanding of theatre history, drama's generic conventions, and what constitutes plays about travel at a time when the professional theatre was rapidly developing and England was attempting to announce its presence within a global economy. More information...

Walk Back Over

Leane, Jeanine. Walk Back Over. Cordite Press, 2018.

This work is about listening to the past and walking back over it, step after step, to see what you missed the first time. It speaks to what has been left out of official records, recordings and documents - the emotions, the other sides of paper - and what is not said. These poems engage with the ongoing, interventionist nation-state and the crime scene that is Australia in the lives of Aboriginal people. More information...

Rethinking Australia's Art History

Lowish, Susan. Rethinking Australia's Art History: The Challenge of Aboriginal Art. Routledge, 2018

This book aims to redefine Australia's earliest art history by chronicling for the first time the birth of the category "Aboriginal art," tracing the term's use through published literature in the late eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Susan Lowish reveals how the idea of "Aboriginal art" developed in the European imagination, manifested in early literature, and became a distinct classification with its own criteria and form. More information...

Artist management

Morrow, Guy. Artist management: Agility in the creative and cultural industries. Routledge, 2018.

Artist Management: Agility in the Creative and Cultural Industries makes a major contribution to our understanding of the creative and cultural industries, of artistic and managerial creativities, and of social and cultural change in this sector. The book undertakes an extensive exploration of the increasingly pivotal role of artist managers in the creative and cultural industries and argues that agile management strategies are useful in this context. More information...

Real Theatre

Rae, Paul. Real Theatre: Essays in Experience. Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Theatre is often said to offer unique insights into the nature of reality, but this obscures the reality of theatre itself. In Real Theatre, Paul Rae takes a joined-up approach to the realities of theatre to explain why performances take the forms they do, and what effects they have. Drawing on examples ranging from Phantom of the Opera and Danny Boyle's Frankenstein, to the performances of the Wooster Group and arthouse director Tsai Ming-liang, he shows how apparently discrete theatrical events emerge from dynamic and often unpredictable social, technical and institutional assemblages. More information...


Tumarkin, Maria. Axiomatic. The Lifted Brow, 2018.

Maria Tumarkin's Axiomatic is a boundary-shifting fusion of thinking, storytelling, reportage and meditation. Beliefs - or intuitions - about the role the past plays in our present are often evoked as if they are timeless and self-evident truths. It is precisely because they are neither, yet still we are persuaded by them, that they tell us a great deal about the forces that shape our culture and the way we live. More information...

Australian Theatre, Modernism and Patrick White

Varney, Denise and D'Urso, Sandra. Australian Theatre, Modernism and Patrick White. Anthem Press, 2018.

This book details the rejection of two Patrick White plays by the Adelaide Festival of Arts in Australia in the early 1960s... Denise Varney and Sandra D'Urso analyse the two events by drawing on the performative behaviour of the board of governors to focus on the question of governance. They shed new light on the cultural politics that surrounded the rejections, arguing that it represents an instance of executive governance of cultural production, in this case theatre and performance. More information...

Authored research books

Australian Theatre, Modernism and Patrick White

Caldwell, Grant. Intention and Unintention or the Hyperconscious in Contemporary Lyric Impulse. Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2018.

The question of how lyric poetry is written, especially in the moment when it first 'arrives' with a poet, is vexed. Grant Caldwell's discussion of the 'hyperconscious' and of poetic 'unintentionality' in the contemporary lyric impulse constitutes an original contribution to knowledge in this field ... Caldwell's analysis of individual poems is sophisticated. His discussion of Myron Lysenko's poem is especially convincing. More information...

Australian Theatre, Modernism and Patrick White

Dragojlovic, Ana and Broom, Alex. Bodies and Suffering Emotions and Relations of Care. Routledge, 2018.

This book is a critical response to a range of problems - some theoretical, others empirical - that shape questions surrounding the lived experience of suffering. It explores how moral and ethical questions of personal suffering are experienced, contested, negotiated and institutionalised. Bodies and Suffering investigates the moral labour and significance invested in actions to care for others, or in failing to do so. More information...

Wordsworth and the Poetics of Air

Ford, Tom. Wordsworth and the Poetics of Air. Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Before the ideas we now define as Romanticism took hold the word 'atmosphere' meant only the physical stuff of air; afterwards, it could mean almost anything, from a historical mood or spirit to the character or style of an artwork. Thomas H. Ford traces this shift of meaning, which he sees as first occurring in the poetry of William Wordsworth. More information...

Australian Art Exhibitions: Opening Our Eyes

Inglis, Alison; Mendelssohn, Joanna; De Lorenzo, Catherine and Speck, Catherine. Australian Art Exhibitions: Opening Our Eyes. Thames and Hudson, 2018.

This pioneering publication outlines the exciting and often controversial development of Australia’s public galleries and the changing conditions that have determined their exhibition programs from the 1960s to the present. The extravagantly illustrated chapters are based on the extensive research of four authors associated with four universities from three states. Trace the growth and evolution of curatorial practice in Australia’s rapidly changing art scene. More information…

Risk Journalism between Transnational Politics and Climate Change

Volkmer, I. and Sharif, K. Risk Journalism between Transnational Politics and Climate Change. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

This book introduces a new methodology to assess the way in which journalists today operate within a new sphere of communicative 'public' interdependence across global digital communities by focusing on climate change debates. The authors propose a framework of 'cosmopolitan loops', which addresses three major transformations in journalistic practice. More information...

Edited books

Badiou and His Interlocutors

Clemens, J. and Bartlett, A. (eds.,). Badiou and His Interlocutors. Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

This is a unique collection presenting work by Alain Badiou and commentaries on his philosophical theories. It includes three lectures by Badiou, on contemporary politics, the infinite, cinema and theatre and two extensive interviews with Badiou - one concerning the state of the contemporary situation and one wide ranging interview on all facets of his work and engagements. More information...

Badiou and His Interlocutors

De Beukelaer, C., Kangas, A. and Duxbury, N. (eds.,). Cultural Policies for Sustainable Development. Routledge, 2018.

This book contributes to a better understanding of the role of culture in achieving sustainability, focusing on the particular roles for cultural policy in this context. Cultural sustainability is conceptualised as the sustainability of cultural and artistic practices and patterns, and to the role of cultural traits and actions to inform and compose part of the pathways towards more sustainable societies. More information...

Antipodean Early Modern

Dunlop, Anne (ed.,). Antipodean Early Modern: European Art in Australian Collections, c. 1200-1600. Amsterdam University Press, 2018.

A Prayer Book owned by the Rothschilds, an Italian bronze casket by Antico, a lavishly illustrated Carnival chronicle from sixteenth-century Germany, an altarpiece by Pieter Brueghel the Younger - much of the artwork in this book, held by Australian collections, is essentially unknown beyond the continent. The authors of these essays showcase these extraordinary objects to their full potential, revealing a wide range of contemporary art and historical research. More information…

Australian media and the politics of belonging

Nolan, D., Farquharson, K. and Majoribanks, T. (eds.,). Australian media and the politics of belonging. Anthem Press, 2018.

This book explores mediated debates about belonging in contemporary Australia by combining research that proposes conceptual and historical frameworks for understanding the concept in the Australian context. A range of themes and case studies make the book a significant conceptual resource as well as a much-needed update on work in this area. More information...

Feminist Ecologies

Stevens, L., Tait, P. and Varney, D. (eds.,). Feminist Ecologies: Changing Environments in the Anthropocene. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

This edited volume critically engages with ecofeminist scholarship. It tracks the ongoing dialogue between women’s issues and environmental change by republishing the work of pioneering scholars and activists in the field... The volume defines ecofeminism as a multidisciplinary project and will appeal to readers working within the field of Environmental Humanities. More information...

Book chapters

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Research book chapters

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Book chapters other

  • MacFarlane, Elizabeth. "Autobiography as Enacted Theory," in Jones, E.M. Something To Be Tiptoed Around. Grattan Street Press