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Uncontained: Digital Disconnection and the Experience of Time

Hassan, Robert. Uncontained: Digital Disconnection and the Experience of Time. Grattan Street Press, 2019.

In order to break free from the 'digital prison', Hassan booked a passage on a container ship and spent five weeks travelling from Melbourne to Singapore - disconnected and essentially alone. In this space of isolation and reflection, he was able to reconnect with lost memories and interrogate the temporality of time. More information...

Residues of Death

Kohn, Tamara; Gibbs, Martin; Nansen, Bjorn and van Ryn, Luke (eds.,). Residues of Death: Disposal Refigured. Routledge - Taylor & Francis, 2019.

This book provides a critical overview of the changing ways people mourn, commemorate and interact with the remains of the dead, including bodies, materials and digital artefacts. It focuses on how residues of death persist and circulate through different spaces, materials, data and mediated memories, refiguring how the disposal of the dead is understood, enacted and contested across the globe. More information...

The Private Collector's Museum

Walker, Georgina S. The Private Collector's Museum: Public Good Versus Private Gain. Routledge, 2019.

The Private Collector's Museum connects the rising popularity of private museums with evolving models of collecting and philanthropy, and new inter-relationships between private and public space. It examines how contemporary collectors construct museums to frame themselves as cultural arbiters of global distinction. By exploring a range of in-depth contemporary case studies, the book aims for a more complex understanding of the private collector's museum, assessing how it is realised, funded and understood in a broader cultural context. More information...

Edited books

Beyond Chinoiserie

Chu, Petra and Milam, Jennifer (eds.,). Beyond Chinoiserie: Artistic Exchange Between China and the West During the Late Qing Dynasty (1796-1911). East and West series, Volume: 4. Brill, 2019.

The complex interweaving of different Western visions of China had a profound impact on artistic exchange between China and the West during the nineteenth century. Beyond Chinoiserie addresses the complexity of this exchange. While the playful Western "vision of Cathay" formed in the previous century continued to thrive, a more realistic vision of China was increasingly formed through travel accounts, paintings, watercolors, prints, book illustrations, and photographs. More information...

Authored research books

Développer les industries culturelles

De Beukelaer, Christiaan. Développer les industries culturelles: Leçons du palimpseste de la pratique. ICCA-Industries culturelles, création, numérique series. Peter Lang, 2019.

The discourse of the creative economy has become increasingly global. Virtually every country in the world uses the concept (or one of its variants) in political debate, public intervention, recommendations and practice. The purpose of this book is to report on the adoption of this discourse in the context of Burkina Faso and Ghana. More information...

Global Cultural Economy

De Beukelaer, Christiaan and Spence, Kim-Marie. Global Cultural Economy. Routledge - Taylor & Francis, 2019.

Global Cultural Economy critically interrogates the role cultural and creative industries play in societies. By locating these industries in their broader cultural and economic contexts, Christiaan De Beukelaer and Kim-Marie Spence combine their repertoires of empirical work across four continents to define the 'cultural economy' as the system of production, distribution, and consumption of cultural goods and services, as well as the cultural, economic, social, and political contexts in which it operates. More information...

From Melies to New Media

Haslem, Wendy. From Melies to New Media: Spectral Projections. Intellect, 2019.

From Méliès to New Media contributes to a dynamic stream of film history that is just beginning to understand that new media forms are not only indebted to but firmly embedded within the traditions and conventions of early film culture. Adopting a media archaeology, this book will present a comparative examination of cinema. More information...


Integrated Marketing Communications

Shin, Wonsun et al. Integrated Marketing Communications: A Balanced Approach. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Integrated Marketing Communication: A Balanced Approach is your guide to integrated marketing communication (IMC), introducing you to the principles that underpin its practice. This text considers the different theories of how IMC works, taking the empirical evidence available into account, and illustrating its real-world application with relevant industry examples. More information...

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