Engaging older Chinese Australians with digital media during COVID-19 lockdown

Engaging older Chinese Australians with digital media during COVID-19 lockdown

This project studies digital media use among older Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. It seeks to identify the gaps between health communication being utilised by Australian authorities and, the information and social needs among older Chinese Australians (OCAs) during a public health crisis. The project evaluates opportunities, limitations, and ethical considerations of incorporating digital media in engaging with older Australians, to increase an understanding of OCAs’ experience of navigating and using digital media to access health information and social/community support programs.



Outcomes / activities

Research is underway. The project uses a research-embedded approach to collect ethnographic data in the forms of online observation and interview to understand how digital media have reconfigured OCAs’ communication practice and social connection experience during the COVID19 lockdown in Melbourne, Australia.


The research will benefit the broader community by providing knowledge that will underpin future aged-care and support services across the community and public sectors.

Project details


School of Culture and Communication, the University of Melbourne

Research partners

Centre for Holistic Health

Project team

Dr Wilfred Yang Wang
Dr Xinyu Zhao (Andy)


Dr Wilfred Yang Wang