Seminars and reading groups


During semester, the various disciplines within the school hold staff and graduate research seminars in which local and guest speakers read a research paper, followed by discussion. You are strongly encouraged to attend and are welcome to offer papers or suggest visiting speakers. Details of the events are circulated by email.

The Culture and Communication Graduate committee (CCGC) also holds weekly graduate seminars through out the semester.

Reading and research groups

The School hosts a dynamic community of postgraduate researchers, working across and between the range of disciplines covered by Culture and Communication. Students and staff organise and participate in a variety of reading and research groups, in addition to the more formal university programs. Designed to support high-level or intensive study of significant texts, topics and themes, these groups contribute strongly to the excellence of the research environment of the School.

Please note that the following details are subject to change: if you are interested in attending any of these groups, it would be advisable to contact the relevant coordinator first. If anyone wishes to change or alter any information on this list, please email the Advanced Study Group Coordinator. Many of these groups also have dedicated and up-to-date websites: if available, these are provided with the group listing itself.

Advanced Study Group Coordinator
Joe Hughes

AuerbachMimesisMichael Graham and Sarah FantiniFriday 2.00 - 3.00pm Weekly E261, Ian Maxwell Room, John Medley (Building 191)
Badiou, ConditionsJustin Clemens Friday 3.30pm Weekly E261, Ian Maxwell Room, John Medley (Building 191)
Beat and CountercultureGeorge Mouratidis Thursday 5.30pm Fortnightly Contact convenor
Costume Research GroupRachel Fensham 3rd Friday of the month from 1 - 2.30pm VCRC, John Medley (Building 191)
Critical Race TheoryJack CaoFriday 3.30pm WeeklyContact convenor
DeleuzeLachlan Daniel Wells Friday 10.00 - 11.00am Weekly E261, Ian Maxwell Room, John Medley (Building 191)
Early Modern CircleAndrew Stephenson 3rd Monday of the month, 6.15 pm Contact convenor
Freud & Psychoanalytic TheoryElliot Yates Thursday 5.30 - 7.00pm Weekly E261, Ian Maxwell Room, John Medley (Building 191)
Hyppolite, Logic and ExistenceJoe Hughes Monday 1.00 - 2.00pm Weekly W2B02, John Medley (Building 191)
Hegel, The Science of LogicJustin Clemens Friday 11.00am Weekly E261, Ian Maxwell Room, John Medley (Building 191)
Joyce, UlyssesRonan McDonald Monday 1.00pm Weekly Contact convenor
LacanJack Cao Friday 2.00pm Weekly Contact convenor
Marx, GrundrisseNandini ShahFriday 12.00pm Weekly Contact convenor
Medieval Round Table Stephanie Trigg First Monday of the month, 6.15pm Contact convenor
Middle English Reading Group Stephanie Trigg Fortnightly, Mondays, 11.00 am Room 624, 757 Swanston St (Building 199)
Bob DiNapoli Tuesdays, 1.00 - 3.00pm Room 106, John Medley (Building 191)
Seminar in Criticism (graduate work-in-progress group)Joshua Barnes and Mona RahimpourTuesday 4:00pm Fortnightly during semesterContact convenors
Spinoza, Treatise on Emendation of the IntellectJon Rubin Friday 1.00pm Weekly E261, Ian Maxwell Room, John Medley (Building 191)
Theatre & Performance Studies Reading GroupSarah BalkinThree times per semester. For details of coming meetings please email Sarah Balkin.Contact convenor